3 reasons why a reliable mentor will transform your personal finances in 2021

In today’s very short article, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how a good and reliable mentorship transforms personal finances.

As you already know, a knife or a machete only ever becomes sharp when we file away the pieces of metal that make the knife blunt and ineffective!

With that in mind, it’s obvious to see that we humans are similar to the knife.

​But what sharpens a man or woman against total failure and defeat?

Well, in my opinion, the answer is mentorship.

I would have answered “learning” a few years ago, but I now see that mentorship is by far better upgrade to learning…

It’s fast, action driven, results ​focused, less frustrating, reveals the actual trade secrets as against the theoretical assumptions that could waste most of your time…and so on.

With great mentorship, you will be sitting – or even standing – on the shoulders of the giants. Of course you will see and go far with ease!

As Robert Kiyosaki, the author Rich Dad Poor Dad series would say, “you need to make sure you are being educated by someone who does what you are trying to do and is successful at doing what you want to do.”

In my opinion, among the many skills needing sharpening, ​a most important one is the skill we require to survive and thrive in the modern world obviously directed by money​.

I’m sure you agree with me that we are all in dire need of financial freedom to survive and thrive in almost all facets of our lives – medication, romance, accommodation, career, marriage, religion, academics…We can go on and on.

Talking about survival, here is my story:

I got into the university in 2012. That was the same year when my hustle on the internet began because I had decided that I never wanted to work for an employer.

The working conditions of ​the average Nigerian employee is deplorable…

​I wanted financial freedom.

Consequently, I tried out many online businesses that helped build me and earn me a good living. Here is what I have discovered so far:

  • There is always a very big difference between acquiring knowledge or skills and successfully applying them. Always!
  • The sure-fire way to quickly bridge the gap between failure and success, and live the life of my dreams is simply to get up and go in search of a good mentor (not just a teacher).
  • If a mentor feels you are willing to learn and apply his teachings, he will be glad to guide, inspire and drive ​you towards success.

There are quite a few mentors out there who are ready to help if you are willing to take the needed sacrifices to your profit.

The best I have met so far is a man called Toyin Omotoso. He has made name for himself as one of the biggest affiliate marketers​ in Nigeria. I have personally worked with him so I know.

What is the one peculiar thing about great people?

They lift others up with them as they rise. They derive joy in that!

Toyin has become so good with making a living online that he even created a convincing video where he boasted of how he could ​generate loads of money (as much as 750k in a ​month) if he ​were locked up in a remote hut with nothing but his laptop, internet connection and a little charge on his atm card.

He does that simply by selling other people’s products. He is going to show you how he does it.

The video is free. It could change your life as it has done mine.

You can see the video by clicking on the link ​ >>> https://businesshubng.com/optin

​Thank me later​.


Hello there! Danjuma Bright, a versatile freelance writer, blogger and affiliate marketer In addition to having studied a basic medical science course (Anatomy) at college, I am also enthusiastic about technology, and how it consistently advances our world. My aim with this blog is to share ideas on how to make money online legitimately and with ease.

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