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The Lion, the Bear and the Internet; Motivation for online business owners

As humans, practically all our real battles are within ourselves. As you know, it is not the same for lower animals.

Have you ever watched a lion and a bear fight? Well, I haven’t either.But I got curious and decided to do a little research to pass the time.

It was a time well spent. I gained a lot of business motivation the research.

If you are an online business owner, I believe this post could lift your spirits.

Here we go…

Since there many kinds of bears – grizzly bears, black bears, polar bears, panda bears…and many more, I’ll restrict my bears to the black bear and the bigger grizzly bear found in most in America.

My lions are the agile mountain lions (also called cougar or puma) and the larger African lion (the undisputed king of the Jungle).


In the U.S., it is said that both bears (black and grizzly) usually come into conflict with the cougar in the wild. The American Indians are very scared of the bear; they regularly come in contact with the dangerous beast.

They say that in a battle between the grizzly bear and the cougar the latter always proves the victor…highly probable when we consider the injury to be inflicted by the long keen claws of the beast, and its wonderful strength and agility.

What about the African lion and the grizzly? Well, we may never experience such battles because both beasts are continents apart so the guys don’t encounter in the wild.

There used to be staged fights especially in the 1700s and 1800s. They are no longer legal, but the records of such fights still exist.

You see, physically, the grizzly appears more intimidating, powerful and has so much in its favour… Many people argue in favor of the grizzly and the records prove them wrong.

There are stories of the hungry beasts (grizzly and lion) being pitched against each other in a cage.

Each beast is now in his corner eyeing his new adversary. A chunk of meat gets thrown into the ring to stimulate a blood fight.

Suddenly, the lion leaves his corner, strides casually to the bear’s corner like he owns the world. He seizes the meat and takes it to his corner.

He does same to any other meat thrown in while the bear would be trying to climb out the enclosure.

There are stories also of the lion immediately charging at the grizzly – going straight for the jugular (in the neck). The grizzly gets up on his hind feet to either swipe his deadly fore paws at the approaching lion or would try to hug him (bear hug) and crush him with his brute strength.

Unfortunately, this move brings the lion closer to the bear’s jugular!


In the above story, we can clearly see that a sustained bold move focused on a specific target will win us that target. There is usually no grizzly, lion or even man to hold us back when we are determined to succeed in any field.

It is definitely not a ride in the pack to sustain motivation till we hit the target. But it can be done.

Below are a few tips to set online business owners on the right path to meeting all set targets, great or small.

Boldly charge into battle

Studying most multimillionaires, you will find that they make decisions quickly and act on them immediately.

While most of us at the other side of the divide are debating a single decision and procrastinating, they are probably already acting on their tenth one…and later on, their hundredth.

You have no other alternatives. So like the big guys, make it a habit to always face your fears. They are the real enemies, not the innocent folks in our villages.

As at today, we are told that the world contains about 7.8 billion people.

Yet it’s still big enough, wealthy enough, and spacious enough for whoever aspires to greatness in whatever field of play. That includes online.

Power of the will

When you identify what is required to meet your target, you will realize that you must abandon certain limiting habits if you really want success and take on new ones that attract success.

It is huge sacrifice, but it is only when you want success badly enough that you can make the desired sacrifices.

It could mean jumping out of bed early in the morning when you really would love to remain under the sheets;


Refusing your favorite food in order to stay healthy;


As risky as converting your tuition fee to business capital (put up your hand if you’ve done that before 😉).

Just do it

This is why the action takers are always far more successful than everyone else. They decide what they want and are then in a big hurry to see it done, sometimes without enough information.

They love to learn on the run and are willing to make all the sacrifices.

Whenever you find yourself feeling uninspired to work on a task, just get up and do it. If you can do this, then you rock!

While working on the said task, you will soon find yourself in the ‘mood’ grooving on effortlessly.

Stop that Time-thief Called Procrastination

How time flies! Time truly flies. We have all experienced it; When we decided to do some task and even fixed a deadline but got scared and postponed it to another day, that day turned to months (like magic of course), then to years.

When you finally grab a calculator to examine how it all happened, you get the error answer staring back at you.  

If you don’t plan to throw in the towel anytime soon, then why torture your health with procrastination?

Do you have a plan?

I don’t usually make big, detailed plans. Mine are simple and can be created within minutes to keep me organized and sometimes help me device a better, more detailed plan one as I move along.

Here are some elements of an effective plan/schedule:

  • The huge plan should get broken down into smaller tasks to be implemented over time
  • You then set reasonable deadlines for each task.
  • See that the tasks are realistic and actionable.
  • Ensure also that the implementation isn’t complicated or too restrictive.
  • Schedule lots of breaks in between tasks to accommodate unforeseen circumstances and for rest.

Plans are just guides. They are never meant to rule over us.  So feel free to adjust the plan to accommodate new realities as you move along.

Have a daily to-do list

It is said that the devil is in the detail. You have got your rough plan written and ready, right? Now, you may break the big guy down into manageable daily tasks that will take you closer and closer to your goals.

Without a do-to list to tick off, I feel like I’m confused and lost in the middle of nowhere. And I don’t accomplish as much as I would with a schedule because I get side-tracked and delayed by a million irrelevances.

My daily schedule takes me between 15-25 minutes to create. It’s best prepared the evening before implementation day.

It is a great idea to arrange the tasks in your to-do list according to their order of priority. Aim to accomplish the most important tasks first while your motivation is still high.

Gradually move down the list to the least important tasks.

Do some Regular Exercise

We can’t accomplish much if we aren’t fit enough. Physical exercise is like drugs to me. I feel energy and power flowing within me throughout the day after an early morning run.

I must admit though that I am not too regular with it.

When we exercise, endorphins get released. Here are the benefits of the hormone: 

  • Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body similar to morphine.
  • Improved self-confidence is the key psychological benefit of regular physical activity.
  • Major increase in energy levels.
  • “Euphoric feeling” or “runners’ high” is accompanied by an energizing and positive outlook on life.

We have come to the conclusion of today’s post, but of course your journey to success continues.

Although the roads to success may be unpredictable right from starting point, but if we must succeed, we must embark on the journey or suffer the worst fate possible – failure.

I wish you a safe and success filled trip! Cheers. 


Hello there! Danjuma Bright, a versatile freelance writer, blogger and affiliate marketer In addition to having studied a basic medical science course (Anatomy) at college, I am also enthusiastic about technology, and how it consistently advances our world. My aim with this blog is to share ideas on how to make money online legitimately and with ease.

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