Transform Your Business: Hire a Writer Who Understands Your Industry

You: Quite busy, you and your staff focus immense time and effort on the task at hand: growing your company. You as well as your team don’t have the space to adequately handle all of your copywriting in-house and you need a skilled freelance writer who understands your business, your audience and what moves them to buy.

Me: A meticulous, versatile tech writer. I can enter your customers’ world, absorb their environment and then craft unique content that they have been waiting for – content that informs, educates and sells to them.

Let me help craft kick-ass copy and content that will generate leads, transform lukewarm prospects into delighted buyers, increase ROI, establish thought leadership and pave the way for long-term growth.

Through the following services, I can help meet your content needs.

Guest Posts

Most CEO or Executives of tech companies can become so busy with handling so many important details of running the business that other equally important details suffer.

Yet, they must keep the wheels of progress moving so that they can achieve all-round balance in their business and personal lives.

As a professional, I’ll write articles on your behalf and gladly relinquish the credit to you.

More importantly, all my articles are well researched, backed with data and optimized for all the major search engines. Such articles are brilliant and beautiful; your audience will love them, and no one will find out that I wrote the articles.

Content Strategy

This is so crucial to all content marketing. A good content strategy helps streamline all your effort. Research has shown that content marketing delivers up to 54 percent more leads than the traditional outbound marketing.

Furthermore, 70 percent of consumers agree that content marketing makes them feel closer to a company. Each content becomes a part of the big, more effective plan to educate, inform or sell to your audience.

A content strategy can help you produce far better results as it helps you identify your audience’s needs, how you can meet those needs as well as sustains your company’s growth by consistently keeping you on track.

You can hire me to work on your content strategy. If you need someone to execute your content strategy, I will be glad to jump on board.

Landing Page Content

Landing page copy isn’t just “content”.  Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to go about crafting this kind of content the right way.

Do not panic yet, I can help you prepare appealing and persuasive landing page content that moves your users to action.

In addition to that, I will optimize the landing page content for the search engines. Ensuring that they rank well for high value keywords and phrases that will organically drive quality and rewarding leads to your offers on the long run.

Blog Posts

It is true that you are losing out on A LOT of leads if you aren’t blogging. Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive ROI. Useful content requires skill and a good grasp of the market needs.

I can help you create search engine optimized blog posts that will grab and retain the attention of your audience for a while. In other words, they meet the market needs and provide solutions to their concerns.


Email marketing is reputed to be the best and the most effective marketing technique. When it comes to conversions, studies have shown that email beats both search and social media combined.

A study conducted by Direct Marketing Association found that you can expect a ROI of at least $38 for every $1 you spend on email marketing.

Email marketing can increase your sales and revenue, but will be very effective if done right. You can hire me to take care of your email newsletters.


One of the best ways to establish your position as a thought-leader in your industry is by creating eBooks, whitepapers and ecourses. You can have me on your team to help create any of these guides and reports.

Guest Post

LET’S GET you on authoritative sites that have hundreds of thousands of visitors at your disposal.

The smartest companies online today guest blog on authoritative blogs in their niche as the top means to boost their reach, positive perception, and brand recognition.

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to grow your business and the results are instantly apparent: Just imagine the amount of massive exposure you can get when you get featured on a blog with 100,000 readers. You can hire me to ghostwrite premium-level guest posts on some of the most authoritative blogs in your niche.

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