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4 Services You Will Quickly Make Money Online from as a freelance Writer

To make money online as a newbie freelance writer should become much easier after read this post.

When I first started out as a freelance writer back in 2015, I went on fiverr to set up my gigs and search for clients.

Although I also briefly tried other sites like Upwork, eLance and others that I now can’t remember, I quickly realized that I was complicating things for myself. 

I felt I needed to go deeper into one good source of gold and not spread myself too thin. I therefore stuck with fiverr.

Digging deeper helps, if you are a beginner trying to get a hang on things. You want to focus on conquering one fortress before you march on others.

You need quick victories so you don’t lose your patience before successes start rolling in.

However, feel free to ignore the tips above if you feel you have the inner energy reserve and time to work with many platforms all at once.

If you are a beginner, then I recommend fiverr to you because it is one of the biggest freelance platforms. It’s quite easy to use as well. 

When I was new to fiverr, I wasn’t quite confident of my skills. And I needn’t have worried. Believe me, average skills are enough as long as you work on your client’s job until you yourself are quite satisfied with it.

Another tip that helped me when I got my first string of orders on fiverr was timely, friendly and effective communication.

Believe me, being friendly and ready to please will definitely make your clients like and trust you.

And once they like you, you will almost always get away scot-free with any mistakes you make…and they will give you great reviews too!

I made sure I fully understood what each client wanted done. After that, the drafts I created would be delivered to the client to recommend improvements.

I would keep implementing the client’s ideas until he was very happy and I’d be amazed at the end-product of the alliance. And the added result? My confidence grew.

I intend to make this post as uncomplicated as it should be. If you are looking to become a freelance writer, then this post aims to get you informed on a few of those writing services I offer on fiverr.

Some of the writing services I offer on fiverr include:

  • Email followup writing
  • Sales copy writing
  • Writing Articles and blog posts
  • CV And résumé creation

Writing Email Followups

So many businesses and brands need email marketing to build trust, engage clients more, advertise products, facilitate friendship & trust and promote the human face of their company.

Email marketing could bring up to 80% of all sales when done right. This is because most people don’t buy the first time they hear about your product.

They generally need some more time to be comfortable with you before they can entrust their money to you in exchange for your offers.

Most people think of email marketing as a means of strictly pitching their services and products. But you don’t have to be one of them.

This tactic turns people off and they naturally begin to ignore your emails (or your client’s emails) and unsubscribe from your email list (or your client’s list).

Remember that email marketing should aim to

  • Motivate and inspire with useful content
  • Educate on products and services
  • Address the audience’s main objections
  • Build trust over time
  • Recommend product and services

If you offer this important service, you will receive lots of orders because the demand for the service is on the high side and keeps rising.

Here are 6 things you need to have in mind when creating email content:

(1) Use catchy email tittle or headline to increase open rate

This is the single most important part of the mail.

When the title is enticing, it will practically force the subscriber to open your email at the expense of the very many other emails badgering his inbox daily.

The only way you create catchy tittles is by spending a lot of time looking for title ideas.

Some experienced writers spend as much as 80% of the writing time in search of the best tittles they can so they can increase their emails’ open rates; that’s how important the tittle is.

(2) When your subscriber opens up the email, she wants to find valuable content

If she finds a poor content, the “Back button” will be her angry response to the email.

How to not write a poorly written email? Let’s start with this: Address each subscriber by their first names.

Even when you are sending same email to thousands of subscribers on your email list through an autoresponder software, remember that almost all autoresponders have a setting that ensures each subscriber receives the email in their names.

Also, you can be more informal in your emails. Talk naturally as if you were chatting with a close friend.

Try to use short and to the point sentences. Use lots of spacing too…Thick blocks of text will scare them away! For instance, put a paragraph after a sentence or two to make it easier for them to read.

(3) Researchers recommend that the most effective emails have between 200 – 300 words

You may break this rule only if you have a very entertaining content, say you’re telling an interesting story. Otherwise, include a link to your client’s website so subscribers can get more information on the offer there.

(4) Always include a call-to-action in all you emails

As the name implies, a call-to-action is simply the action you want the audience to take.

Examples of Calls-to-action are ‘Click this link to join the webinar’, ‘Get the eBook here’ , ‘click here to schedule a call’, ‘click the button below to Buy Now’…and so on.

(5) Email copies must not always be salesy

The experts recommend that between 2-4 emails in your email followups shouldn’t be salesy but entertaining, educating, inspiring, build trust.

These emails make subscribers feel you are not always in their inbox just to “heartlessly” deprive them of their hard earned money.

Can you see that you can never run out of email ideas? This way you keep them interested in your offers in the long run. Also, they will keep anticipating your emails.

In those fun (less salesy) emails, you should include a P.S. (postscript) section that talks about the products, services or offers you would love to recommend. People will still act on your offers through these emails.

(6) Most importantly, always remember that you are dealing more with human beings than ‘email lists’, ‘first names’, ‘stats’, ‘autoresponder’,‘open rates’, ‘numbers’… It’s so easy to get carried away!

I consider this tip the most important when it comes to communicating with people online.

From this point of view, you will find that things are not as complicated as you thought initially. It will make you more valuable to your clients and your audience.

Of course, that means more money for you to throw around.

Sales copy writing

Just like email marketing and any other type of marketing, writing a great sales copy requires at least a basic understanding of the human buying psychology.

You need to learn and develop this skill. If you can create sales copies that would have convinced even you to buy your own product or service if it had been written by another person, then you are good to go.

There is a flood of sales philosophy and ideas out there! They are in training books, videos, webinars…etcetera. It’s quite safe and rewarding to play in this flood, but never get carried away.  

Just write as convincingly as you would do if you were chatting with a dear friend and trying to convince him to take a certain action that would benefit him.

Convince them you are offering the best deal that they will hardly find anywhere else.

The reason I’m emphasizing this point is because some people can convince others using the face to face means (and Nigerians are quite good at that) but feel less competent doing same in writing.

The more you can write it down the way you say it, the more powerful it will be because your brain will work out the finer details.

We have just talked about the basic sales writing; let see a few ideas from sales psychology:

Appeal to the Emotions

As you probably already know,buying decisions are almost always based on emotions.

Most people will refuse to buy from a seller they dislike. They prefer to go far and pay more to another friendly seller they like and trust.

People could also buy base on fear of loss (loss of discounts or time-limited offers for instance), fear of being left behind and so on.

The Place of Logic

At first, customers subconsciously make buying decisions based on emotions. After that, they start looking for a logical reasoning to explain away the emotional reasoning.

You want to include a few of such reasons when writing a sales copy.

Emphasize Benefits Rather than Features

This is another reason for buying. Instead of emphasizing the features of the product, emphasize more on the benefits they will derive from the product.

If you show them how much the product will do for them, you are likely to make a sale than if you feature the product itself.

Let’s assume you sell stones. When you talk the benefits (what the stones can do) of ordinary stones, they will no longer seem so ordinary and it could be sold more effectively than when you are busy talking about the features of the stones like the look, the taste, the sound, and how hard it is!

Writing Articles and Blog posts

Articles and blogposts are a great way for brands to increase exposure and nurture their audience.

If you offer this service and are quite good at SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you are going to be offering great value to your clients.

Although the words article and blog post are sometimes used interchangeably, articles could also refer to the content on the more static webpages like About us page, Services page, Privacy page, Terms & Conditions page and so on.

But blog posts are used to engage the audience on a more regular basis – on blogs.

The 7 Essential Elements of a successful blog post

An effective blog post or article could contain the following 7 elements:

  • Headline/Tittle
  • Story-telling hook
  • Fewer characters per line at first
  • Featured image
  • Subheads for scanning
  • Content and the 1500 word-count sweet spot
  • Sound bite for sharing

Having said that, let’s talk a little about some types of articles title you may need to note. They are:

  • Question Titles: ‘Are you tired of searching for a job?’, ‘Can you prepare chicken stew like this one?’, ‘Do you make this common mistake while driving?’
  • List Title: ‘4 things to do to find a well-paying job’, ‘Step-by-step guide on preparing a chicken stew like this one’, ‘30 common mistakes to avoid while driving’
  • “How-To” Titles: ‘How to search for a well-paying job’, ‘How you too can prepare a chicken stew like this one’, ‘How to not make this common mistake while driving’
  • Benefit Titles: ‘Earn 500k monthly and live the life of a prince from one of these well-paying jobs’, ‘Prepare chicken stew like this one that is fit for royalty’, ‘Become a James Bond on the highway by avoiding this common mistake while driving’.
Write SEO Articles/Posts

What you write about is most determined by the audience you want to target as well as Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu, Yandex, AOL, and a host of others.

And yes, almighty Google is the biggest of the other search engines. It’s like the god of the internet. Google handles 70% of the world’s search traffic!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When your post gets written and optimized for the search engines and the post ranks high on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP), people who search Google with the target Keywords that you’ve already carefully inserted into the post will be able to find it and engage with it.

Seo is so important to any blog because about 53.3% of searchers will likely assess the post through search engines.

CVs, Résumés and Cover letters

People who apply for jobs or schools need great CVs or résumés to effectively represent them. While creating these important documents you need to tailor them to the specific job they are applying to.

With the abundant templates available online, you can easily offer to create CVs, cover letters and résumés that bring your clients closer to their dreams.

Now, it’s time to start making some cool cash online. This article has introduced you to some of the services I offer on fiverr. Take action.

Online freelancing is among the easiest jobs you can do online that doesn’t require any start-up capital and pays very well if you know your way around it.

All you have to do is look for a service you are good at rendering and start making some money online.


Hello there! Danjuma Bright, a versatile freelance writer, blogger and affiliate marketer In addition to having studied a basic medical science course (Anatomy) at college, I am also enthusiastic about technology, and how it consistently advances our world. My aim with this blog is to share ideas on how to make money online legitimately and with ease.

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