10 Best Ideas on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria in 2021

With today’s post, let’s examine 10 of the best ways on how to make money online.

Do you know that the online world is steadily growing at a tremendous pace? It’s exploding. Obviously, it is only the Kalahari bushman and all those who share a similar life-style with them that wouldn’t know…

Pundits strongly believe that this upward trend won’t slow any time soon. The best we can do is to run along with and excel at it.

If you are looking to earn online, then you are not too late to the train station. Although, it has come a long way, there is still a lot of track to cover. You therefore can still be a big part of the success story.

Now, from my little experience, I would love to share with you the best ways a beginner can start making money online in no time.

Yes, it is possible to start earning online overnight. Why? Because this is internet territory guys! Things can be supper fast up here… if you are willing to put in the work!

In today’s article, here is what you will get:

  • 4 mindsets you need to succeed online
  • 6 online businesses you can begin wherever you are
  • Also, for each of the 6 business you will be getting free eBook guides you can download as well as links to blogposts for further study.

4 Mindset changes you need to Succeed Online

Power is power

Are you a fan of the movie series – Game of Thrones? I so love that movie! Now, there is a very short clip from the movie that I have added to this post. I urge you to watch it below before we move on:

I hope you got the message? The clip demonstrates the importance of applying knowledge as opposed to just acquiring knowledge. I can’t stress this enough.

And I’m sure the spymaster, lord Baelish, now agrees with me after what he went through right there and later on in the movie series!

I believe that If he had successfully seized power, he wouldn’t have ended ignobly as he did. Well, maybe that is an argument for another day.  

Okay, let get back to today’s post. If you have gathered so much information about earning online these past months or years, then you have already acquired immense potential powers and I’m so happy for you!

You disciplined yourself and succeeded in acquiring the information and that is really great of you (shakes hand). You have all the shortcuts and are, therefore, several steps ahead of everybody else in your race. You now need to take action and set aside all your fears.

If you’ve read the stories of some of the most successful online business owners, you’d realize most knew next to nothing about what they were doing at the beginning. They just took the plunge.

Now, I don’t advice taking the plunge without the requisite knowledge. But that action-mentality, along with consistency, is precisely the reason why they have all the real power and wealth they enjoy today.

Let the Scales in your eyes fall off

My rule number one (online business belief) is this: The Online world and Offline world refer to the same world!

The day scales figuratively fell off of my eyes was when it dawned on me that the online world is the same as the offline world because you are dealing with the same people and not just usernames, email lists, analytics and numbers – most people get carried away and forget this crucial fact.

This rule thought me two things:

  • Treat your audience as yourself or a close friend and they will respond favorably towards all your offerings.
  • If I were learning a new and difficult (unfamiliar) online concept or business and I remembered this rule, then it would no longer be too difficult to understand because I could now relate it to the more familiar offline world.

I began to see the internet simply as an important platform to connect people, businesses, places, things and ideas like never before…and not some topic in Quantum Physics!

For instance, let’s say you sell goods in your local general market. You therefore know how to convince people to buy offline. Tweak and apply those same skill-set online.

Same tone, same tricks, same everything slightly adapted to suit the online world and you will make sales and be a gangster with time.

You need a Plan

When you start an online or offline business, you soon get confronted with the fact that there are so many things to do. And to be done in a certain order too.

If you choose to operate randomly, you will skip several crucial steps. Also, you will be making too many mistakes.

To remedy these mistakes made, you could spend more money, spend more time, exhaust your motivation reserve and most likely throw in the towel at the end of all the stress…and be right back at  square ZERO (or worse) with nothing but the lessons you learnt.

All you need is a plan. The best plans are not complicated. They don’t have to be! They help you keep track of progress. They help you clear the path in the confusing mental jungle of steps to take.

When you get lost, you know exactly where you are, how to find yourself and keep rolling.

Ultimately, if you stick to the plan, you will most likely succeed.

A great plan or schedule could take you as little as 30 minutes to draft.

Here is how:

  • List out all tasks needed to complete a project
  • Arrange this listed items according their order of priority
  • Assign time slots for starting and another for deadlines
  • Take action

Just remember not to make implementation too tasking so you don’t get overwhelmed into inaction.

Cultivate the Thick Skin & Stubborn Will of the Honey Badger

Your will – that internal energy reserve that keeps you tough and going when things get rough – gets exhausted with time.

This had been my problem for years. Whenever I acquired a project, I usually didn’t find the morale to see it through to completion.

I got scared as well since it was uncharted territory to me.

But I noticed that whenever I began the project, I covered a lot of unexpected grounds and would end up falling in love with the finished work.

Starting is the key. Make it a habit and you probably would have solved roughly 90% of all your problems online. That is my imaginary estimate, by the way.

Let us take a look at this analogy:



In a Chinese movie you are now watching, two armies are about to clash!

What do you see?

You notice that no one wants to die, but the battle has to be fought because all attempts at peaceful resolutions failed miserably. So without wasting much time, they just charge at each other with WAR CRIES...

The charging armies have presently collided. The air is filled with dust, the sounds of steel… and of course other awful sounds and sights of the maimed and the dying.

They are presently in the midst of the battle. Most of their fears are gone and they have no choice other than to try staying alive and seeing that battle through to the usually unpredictable end.

The more battle-tested an army is, the bolder they are in warfare. But the fear remains!


Now the good thing is that with online businesses you obviously wouldn’t be risking your life…or that of your neighbor or client. I hope you are not risking your life sha?

If you can take it almost as seriously and charge into battle with your war cry, you will become practically unstoppable. And not even ‘our people in the village’ will be able to stop you! I guarantee that…

So just start now!

6 Paying Online Businesses you can Easily do

All the businesses that I’m about to write on are profitable when done right.

Don’t make the mistake most people tend to make at the beginning. Pick one that appeals to you the most. Stick with it until it is well established before you then move on to others.

To help you get started in any of the businesses, you will be getting free resources like downloadable eBooks and links to helpful blog posts as we move along.

Here we go…


Blogging is one idea you may want to consider.

I put it first because all the other businesses discussed in this post can combine well with blogging to massively increase profitability.

It takes a lot of time and work to build a successful blog to a profitable height. The effort is certainly worth it. Just ensure you target a profitable niche in line with your passion.

This is why research could be a most valuable skill for you online.

>>>Download this free eBook on how to start a successful blog<<<

Online Freelancing

A freelancer is someone who offers his services only for the duration of the assignment or project he is hired for. After that task is completed, he gets paid.

He then moves on to other assignments. This is how freelancing is different from being an employee: where you have to be with the same employer and get paid weekly or monthly.

There are so many jobs or services that you can make money with online as a freelancer. You could be a freelance writer, freelance graphics designer, voice over artist, social media expert, website developer and so on.

For beginners who know close to nothing about the online business scene, I usually recommend starting on sites like fiverr, upwork etc.

You can really make a lot of money as a freelancer. It is also a good way to build the much needed experience and confidence.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply selling other peoples products as against selling yours. And when you sell, you get a commission.

This is a business anyone can do without the need to create any products or setting up and the time-consuming testing.

The most popular affiliate networks out there that you could partner with are Clickbank, ShareASale, Amazon Associates, MaxBounty …the list goes on.

You want to learn from Neil Patel. He is one of the best affiliate marketers. Check out his blog post here.

Also, see this video by Toyin Omotoso. It’s rich and over an hour long.

Information marketing

This is perhaps one of the most profitable of them all if you do things right.

Although, information marketing could require a lot of initial work before the cash can start rolling in, especially in the product & customer research, product packaging, funnels setup and marketing stages.

Information marketing entails creating and marketing membership websites, email courses, eBooks, video courses, podcasts, webinars etc.

The aim is simply to provide information of useful quality targeted at those who really need them.


Ecommerce is short for electronic commerce. This is another business idea where you can basically sell physical products using the internet.

You could decide to sell yours or others’ physical products. It is also a highly profitable business.

If you know how source for hot selling products cheaply, you could buy goods in bulk and sell them off for profits as much as ten times the cost price.

>>>See this blogpost from hubspot and learn more<<<

Book publishing

Amazon is the largest ecommerce platform in the world. This giant owns the gigantic book publishing section – Kindle Publishing. Still there are several other competitive alternatives out there, just a google search away.

If you enjoy creating fiction or non-fiction books as a hobby, then book publishing is for you.

Now, you don’t have to go in search of publishing firms who could make a mockery of your efforts because they may not believe your ideas will meet their corporate targets.

They can frustrate you with their huge demands, but yet the world needs what you’ve got to offer. You could self-publish and see some success.

Another thing is you don’t even have to write those books yourself. You can always get help from freelance writers who would do all the research and write the books for you.

>>>Check out this post to learn more.<<<

In conclusion, with today’s article, I have shared with you 4 success mindsets, 6 businesses you could do to make money online, as well as free how-to eBooks and links to some of the best guides online.  

You really have no excuses left, right? To make money online, all you have to do is pick one business that catches you fancy and run with it and I guarantee you will be fine. In time, you will be comfortable enough to expand into others.


Hello there! Danjuma Bright, a versatile freelance writer, blogger and affiliate marketer In addition to having studied a basic medical science course (Anatomy) at college, I am also enthusiastic about technology, and how it consistently advances our world. My aim with this blog is to share ideas on how to make money online legitimately and with ease.

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